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Character Application

Livejournal username:
AIM Screenname (opt):
Yahoo Screenname (opt):
Email Address:

Character you are applying for:
Why are you applying for this character?:
What is the one thing you like most about your character?:

Please write a short piece about this character. It can be from their point of view, or in third person, as long as it is about them. Must be longer than 200 words, but not too much longer than 1000 (however, if it runs over a bit, don't worry about cutting it down. I'm not going to check and see how many words you have. I just don't want to read chapters and chapters of an application. @_@)

Please send all applications to captain.luffy@gmail.com.

Don't worry. None of these are "trick questions". I just want to see how well of a grip you have on your character.

Also, as a sidenote... please don't submit an application if you don't have basic knowledge of the English language (spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, correct diction, etc). Start all sentences with a captial letter. End all sentences with a period. You will be required to do this while role playing, so if you feel it is asking too much to do this on the application, you probably should not apply.

I don't mind if you use a piece of previously-written work for this, as long as it applies.

Run your stuff through spellcheck first, though.

Yes, all role play will be done through real-time (chat based) unless otherwise worked out between the individual players. So, if you don't have the time for this, don't apply.

Please check the RP Pirates FAQ in the memories section if you have any more questions. Other than that -- apply away!! I would love to get them. I am an application whore. I want them. I need them. I...



Good luck! <3

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